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Kitchen Renovations

A Kitchen is the heart of the house.  Prime Bath & Kitchen has been around for many years, helping our clients to give that heart the right shape…

Bathroom Renovation

A beautifully designed, clean bathroom is a symbol of a healthy home. You’ll never be in full comfort in your home if your bathrooms are broken or messy…

Closet Renovation

Closet renovation is simply an artwork. Without it, all of your stuff will be out of place and out of order…

Wall Unit Renovation

When it comes to displaying your favorite items or creating more space, wall unit renovation is a great idea…

An eye-catching, well-designed kitchen or well-built picture-perfect bath is every home’s dream. With many years of experience in kitchen and bathroom renovation in Toronto, we can make your dream a reality. When we work with you, we make sure that no detail is left out.

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Why us

Custom design

Our design comes in all sizes and colors. We design and renovate kitchens and bathrooms according to our customer preference. You tell us what you need. We follow every detail and cover everything that our customers demand. Our greatest joy is to make our customers happy,

Customer Service

We give outstanding customer service to every client. We build up communication with our client that is clear, effective, and friendly at the same time. We are specialized in taking notes and can help our customers choose at an affordable price.

Reasonable Price

There is a common idea that you either have to compromise with your quality or your price. But, with us, you don't have to make that compromise. You may get impressed by discovering how many cool designs we have at a very reasonable price.

A comfy elegant design is waiting for you.

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